THRILL SEEKER tells the story of Peter H. Kent's rise from adrenaline addict

to major Hollywood stuntman and body double for Arnold Schwarzenegger,

starting with 1984's The Terminator and spanning an incredible

13 years and 14 films with the action superstar.

The complete pilot for ONE MORE is currently being pitched as a short run series. 

Rather than face writers block and frustration from failed attempts at romance, Josh searches for motivation at the bottom of a beer bottle within a local dive bar.




Murmur Pictures is proud to announce LYDIA LEE TANG as, not just the host of TRAVEL EAT FIT, but series writer and co-producer.

Please help me give this incredible talent the warmest welcome to her new home on TRAVEL EAT FIT!

From Canada to Hong Kong and Australia, Lydia has extensive international training and work experience. Currently residing in Vancouver, Lydia completed her Bachelor of Music and Associate Degree of Dance from Wesley Institute (currently known as Excelsia College) in Sydney Australia.

After which she landed the role of Miss Melody at Hong Kong Disneyland starring in the Welcome Wagon Show. Lydia has since gone on to excel in voice over and on screen work. A natural personality in front of the camera, Lydia is most recently known for being the voice of Fox Family Movies Asia, starring as the lead actress in the independent feature film Christmas At The Royal Hotel and being the face of Big Review TV Hong Kong.

Official headshots and an updated timeline for our series pilot coming soon!